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Jiangsu xinfan parts co., LTD:Some common lights you don't know about cars(5)

PubTime:2020-04-09  Author:NEW SAIL

Condition five: after the car with the car is too close to the light language: stage bright brake lights
Driving on the highway, maintain appropriate safety distance is one of the effective methods to avoid accident, but sometimes some people like to drive high speed, and keep the distance is close, in this case, part of vehicle drivers will be scattered energy to "focus on" after the car, will worry after the car won't slow because the brakes hit her. At this point, the car in front of you has to find a way to give the car behind you a warning, telling the car behind you not to follow you, then you need to use the brake lights.
Another use of a brake light on a highway is when the car in front of you is too close to your car. The driver in front can tap on the brake to tell the car behind, "you are too close to me, you should stay away from me."

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