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Jiangsu new sail parts co., LTD. : what are the night lights of cars

PubTime:2020-04-09  Author:NEW SAIL

When the distance of the car lights from far to close, means the car is approaching or entering the ramp.

2. When the distance of car light projection from near to far, the car has been down the ramp or into a gentle slope by steep.

When the lights are off the road, it means that there is a sharp bend ahead or that the traffic has reached the top of the slope.

When the car lights move from the road to the side of the road, the front of the general curve.

⒌ when the car light from one side of the road to the other side, the said for consecutive turns ahead.

Pictures when the light to the car more short, indicating that the car will be close to the ramp; When the light to the car and the roadbed separated, the car is close to the top of the slope.

But the current rear lamp light or bright or dark, show that vehicle ahead in the distance; When the rear light of the current car is relatively bright, it indicates that the car in front is close.

⒏ around the current car taillight spacing is large, it shows that vehicle ahead for large cars; At present, the left and right distance between taillights is relatively small, indicating that the front car is a small car.

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